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Start Mastering



1. Read instructions for submitting a master. 

2. Fill out and submit the form below.


3. After submitting the form, you can send me your audio files using the link at the bottom of the page. 

4. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Submitting A master

  • All files must be in at least a 44.1 kHz format, and at least 24 bit

  • All files must be either WAV or AIFF, please no MP3s or session files

  • Remove all compressors and limiters from your mixbus. Optionally, you can include a separate rough master with all your mixbus processing which I can use as a reference

  • All files must have at least -6dB of headroom (excluding the optional rough master)

  • Make sure your mix is ready to be mastered. This means no clicks, pops, or other editing issues that are best addressed on a track level


  • Leave some space at the beginning and end of the song to give me room to work with fades

1. Artist and Project Info

2. Reference Tracks

  • Reference tracks are finished songs by other artists that have a similar "vibe" to how you want your final master to sound

  • These are so important because they help me get inside your head and get a sense of what you truly want your master to sound like!


  • To start a master I require a reference track

Please paste a Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube URL of your reference track in the box below. 


3. Final info and submission

Before submitting, add any additional notes you'd like me to consider when mastering.


The more information I have the better!

Thanks for submitting the form!


Click here to send me your audio files.

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