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Form Submitted Successfully!

Please send me your multitracks using the link below

Make sure to read the submission instructions first before uploading files

What are Multitracks? 

  • Multitracks (sometimes also called stems) are individual elements of the song such as the vocals, guitar, or bass, which are bounced as separate audio files so the mixing engineer can process each part independently ​​​

Submission Instructions 

  • If possible, please bounce the multitracks without any effects, panning or other processing

  • All multitracks must be in at least a 44.1 kHz format, and at least 24 bit

  • All multitracks must be sent in a WAV or AIFF format, please don't send MP3s or session files

  • Please label each audio file so it can easily be identified (e.g. vocal lead.wav, acoustic guitar.wav)


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